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President El-Sisi Meets Delegation of Participants in Sudan Conference of Political, Civilian Groups

President El-Sisi Meets Delegation of Participants in Sudan Conference of Political, Civilian Groups
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President El-Sisi Meets Delegation of Participants in Sudan Conference of Political, Civilian GroupsToday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received a delegation, comprising participants in the conference of Sudan’s political and civilian groups, hosted by Egypt.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates, Dr. Badr Abdelatty and Director of the General Intelligence Service, Major General Abbas Kamal.  Also in attendance were a number of representatives of regional and international parties, including the Foreign Minister of Chad, senior officials from the UAE, Qatar, South Sudan and Germany, as well as representatives of the African Union, the Arab League and the United Nations, and the Ambassadors of France, the United Kingdom, Norway, the European Union and Saudi Arabia in Cairo.

Spokesman for the Presidency, Counselor Ahmed Fahmy, said the President expressed his appreciation for the participants’ response to Egypt's invitation to convene this crucial conference, which is held under the slogan:” Together to Stop the War”. The conference convenes amid a critical historical moment Sudan is passing through, which requires creating a conducive climate to unify the visions of the Sudanese on ways to end the war. President El-Sisi emphasized that Egypt will spare no effort or any attempt to bridge the gap between the various Sudanese factions, end the war and ensure restoring security and stability and maintaining the resources of the Sudanese people. The President underscored the importance of concerted efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution that fulfils the aspirations of the Sudanese people and ends Sudan’s deep, multi-dimensional crisis, with its disastrous consequences across all political, social and humanitarian levels.


President El-Sisi underlined that the Egyptian State exerts its utmost effort, bilaterally, regionally and internationally, to confront the repercussions of the Sudanese crisis, by providing all forms of support, in a way that reflects the specificity of Egyptian-Sudanese relations. Egypt continues to dispatch large humanitarian aid shipments to Sudan, in addition to hosting millions of Sudanese brothers in Egypt. Politically, the President stressed the need for the transition to the political path of the crisis to include the participation of all parties, in accordance with the Sudanese national interest. The slogan “Sudan First” should be the driving force for all sincere national efforts, in addition to the need for any credible political process to be based on respecting the principles of Sudan’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and preserving the state and its institutions, being the foundation of the unity, building and stability of Sudan and its people, emphasizing Egypt's keenness to coordinate and cooperate with regional and international partners to resolve the Sudanese crisis.

The Spokesman added that the speakers, symbols of the Sudanese political and civilian groups, expressed their deep appreciation for Egypt’s sincere efforts in support of Sudan since the beginning of the current crisis, which embodies the depth of the ties that unite the peoples of the two countries as well as the unity of history and destiny the two countries share. They stressed that they welcome the Egyptian leadership’s efforts to bring the viewpoints of the Sudanese parties closer to end the current crisis. This is in addition to the support that Egypt provides to the people of Sudan, whether through its tireless efforts to address the catastrophic humanitarian situation across vast areas in Sudan, or through its generous and kind hosting, by both the people and government, of the Sudanese people in their second home, Egypt, which demonstrates the eternal fraternal relations that bind the two countries and peoples.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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President El-Sisi Meets Delegation of Participants in Sudan Conference of Political, Civilian Groups