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Youth Icon Yohani amazes the people of Maldives with a spectacular performance!

Pop-star Yohani visited the Maldives for the first time to participate in the ChanaaChaa concert. The youth icon delivered a spectacular performance consisting of her hit songs Manike Mage Hithe, Chamak Challlo, Kabira, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha, and many more. She surely made headlines across the local and international media for her performance that took the audiences by storm.

Yohani’s presence in Maldives was surely noteworthy, as the people were left in awe of her boundless talent and ability to captivate the crowd. The audience consisted of Maldivians as well as people from across the world who were there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also attended the concert wherein Yohani delivered this spectacular performance. The President of Maldives expressed his gratitude towards Yohani as he was more than grateful for her presence and efforts she has held during her visit to their nation. This was officially the largest crowd the country has ever witnessed at a music festival, the crowd was over the moon with immense joy and happiness as Yohani took to the stage and entertained everyone.


The musical sensation Yohani expressed her heartfelt joy towards the people of the country as she expressed, "This is the first time I have ever visited Maldives, not in my wildest dream would have I have ever imagined this performance to be such a hit. To have received so much love, support & energy from the people of Maldives is unparalleled. When I was backstage getting ready for my performance, I won’t lie I was a bit nervous, but hearing the chants and cheers from the crowd as soon as I walked on the stage made me feel a sense of love and comfort. Getting love from fans is always an enormous feeling but to get it from a new place which you have never visited is a surreal experience. But to my surprise I was welcomed with immense love and support. I am so thankful to the beautiful people of Maldives who treated me so well!”

A spectacular performance by a global star, Yohani is here to shine !

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Youth Icon Yohani amazes the people of Maldives with a spectacular performance!

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