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After horrifying visuals of killing dogs emerge, Aishwarya Sakhuja makes an appeal to Kerala Chief Minister.

The internet can sometimes be overwhelming but off lately some disturbing images are being reported right from God's own country, Kerala where the civilians have taken matters in their hand & are involved in mass killings of dogs after 21 people were reportedly found dead due to being bitten by rabid dogs.

Kerala is reeling under the stray dog menace as incidents of dog bites and culling of the animal have sent shockwaves across the country in the last few days. The population has been divided into two, where half of them approve of these inhumane killings of dogs & other half, who are animal lovers are left appalled & beginning to raise their voice to protest against these mass killings.

A dog lover & a pet parent, actress Aishwarya Sakhuka is one of the many who feels the way the people have taken matters in their hands is in bad taste & talks about the cruelty towards animals. She wrote an open letter to the Chief Minister of Kerala seeking justice for the ones who do not have a voice. In a heart-wrenching note, Aishwarya wrote, 'I refuse to live in a society that lacks basic empathy for other living beings & hence request you to raise your voice & write to the chief minister of Kerala. Let us make this planet more peaceful by co-existing with love instead of being plain barbaric to each other.'


She wrote an elaborate piece.

The Saas Bina Sasural actress has been an animal lover & uses her social media to spread awareness around adoption of stray dogs.

'I'm not saying all stray dogs are approachable but my years of experience of dealing with these beautiful creations have only made me understand that they will not harm you if you don't. Some have medical issues like rabies that get them to be highly aggressive & those are the ones to be dealt with,' she wrote.

At the time of writing this, 21 people have been reported dead after being bitten by rabid dogs. 'Aggressive dogs do need to be put away in correctional facilities & I'm not contesting that but to kill them without even knowing if they are rabid or not is just cruel,' she further wrote.

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After horrifying visuals of killing dogs emerge, Aishwarya Sakhuja makes an appeal to Kerala Chief Minister.

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