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Varun Tej Valmiki Teaser Talk

Finally, Mega Prince Varun Tej upcoming movie “Valmiki” teaser is released online by the makers of the movie. As being mentioned by director Harish Shankar we have witnessed Varun Tej in a never seen a complete makeover for Valmiki film. Especially those intense eyes of the mega hero is highlighted by kajal then the thick beard and the royal mustache complementing the entire raw don look is totally glorified in Valmiki teaser.

The icing on the cake is the dialogue in the last frame by Varun Tej is totally and the raw attitude of the character showcased by the mega hero hints the potential of the actor. Mega fans will definitely enjoy this dialogue inked by director Harish Shankar for which he is very popular in the Telugu film industry.

“Andukey peddollu cheppindi 4 bulletlu sampaayitthey rendu kaalchukovaaley rendu dachukovalena ani”

The background score composed by Micky J Meyer sounded impressive in the Valmiki teaser. Overall Valmiki teaser has served its purpose of raising expectations on the film along with preparing the audiences what is in store for them on the big screen and also small glimpse grey shades of Varun Tej in Valmiki movie. Tamil hero Atharvaa and other gang members of both hero, the villain is shown in the teaser. Mega fans get ready for the feast from Varun Tej and Harish Shankar on 13th September in theaters.


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