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What will KCR do from August 15?

What will KCR do from August 15?

What will KCR do from August 15?

In the Legislative assembly on Friday, Telangana chief minister and President of TRS party, KCR said that he will do wonders after August 15th. According to KCR, during the past 10 months, he couldn't show his real governance or real administration to people, because of successive elections in Telangana. One more reason is the enforcement of election code since October 2018.

As the assembly polls completed last December, Panchayat elections in January/February this year, Loksabha elections in April/May, Zilla Parishad elections in June, only municipal elections are left to be conducted by August 15th this year. On this topic, KCR told that after August 15th, Telangana will be the only state to have completed all the elections from Galli level to Delhi level.

He added that there wouldn't be any elections or election codes in Telangana for the next four years. He even said, "I will do wonders in Telangana in the next four years. I will show what real-time administration is to the entire country. I will bring revolutionary changes in governance and go to any extent for the betterment of people of Telangana.”


He concluded that he will tour every district and hold Praja Darbars where he would resolve people's problems on the spot.

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