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The actors who truly won our hearts with their character of a politician on the screen

The audience must have seen actors playing numerous roles on the screen but the character of a politician is something that always puts them in a different light while leaving a distinct presence on the screen. A politician is indeed a character that requires a lot of intensity to magnify the power of a public figure. Be it public speeches, the politician walks, or the tough expressions, an actor brings a lot of his expertise onto the screen that speaks a lot about his/her potential as an actor. We have seen many actors who totally took our hearts with their amazing screen presence as a politician and truly owned the character with their brilliant acting.

From Sohum Shah as Bheema Bharti in Maharani Or Ranbir Kapoor in Raajneeti, let us look at the actors who played the characters of a politician on the screen and left us all impressed.

1. Sohum Shah in Maharani
Sohum Shah as Bihar's chief minister Bheema Bharti in Maharani series is one of the most loved on-screen politician indeed. The way Sohum owns the character, made it tough for the audience to imagine anyone else in his place. The actor truly showed his versatile acting talent in the series. While both the seasons of Maharani have been released, Sohum has brought a variation in his character while keeping the main essence of his personality intact.


2. Ranbir Kapoor in Raajneeti
On the other hand, Ranbir Kapoor as Samar Pratap, played the youngest politician in the political thriller, Raajneeti. Having portrayed such an intense character in front of a bunch of talented actors in Bollywood, Ranbir truly made his presence count with his amazing acting talent.

3. Abhishek Bachchan in Dasvi
Abhishek Bachchan as Chief Minister Ganga Ram Chaudhary in Dasvi truly turned out his personality when he delivered a pure Haryanvi accent. Moreover, the actor really portrayed the character of a politician in a whole new different way which was never seen before.

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The actors who truly won our hearts with their character of a politician on the screen

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