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Which Students Do Teachers Like? 5 Qualities Every Teachers Like In A Students

Teachers are as different people as students, so it is impossible to please everyone. However, let's find out what qualities of a student will satisfy almost any teacher.

Which Students Do Teachers Like? 5 Qualities Every Teachers Like In A  Students

1. Ask questions

It is important to explain to students that questions are necessary and useful to ask, because it means that the material does not remain in the notebook or on the board. Questions help to analyze, systematize knowledge, or logically get new. The questions asked in the class will help to spend less time for homework. In addition, working in a group, the same questions may arise for different students, but some of them may simply be embarrassed to ask them. The task of the teacher is to motivate, arrange, and create an atmosphere where students are not afraid or embarrassed. Questions are not about ignorance, but about knowledge.


2. Know how to organize yourself.

This concerns not only the schedule of preparation for the class, doing homework, but also self-organization in class. The organized student will understand that each task is allocated a certain amount of time and is not worth losing a second. The teacher should be reminded how much time is allocated or is left until the end of the task, to practice organization to hold contests and quizzes, use timers, hourglass, etc.

3. Always on time and in time

A good student knows what "in time means more successfully". A completed task or prepared presentation, arrival in class, or a question asked to a teacher - everything must be on time. And not because it is impossible to do it tomorrow, but because tomorrow there will be something new, something else... and the task "for yesterday" is sometimes no longer relevant, the group has moved on, the student does not have time to do new tasks, does not fit into the topic... And like a snowball, questions and knowledge omissions are collected. It is worth explaining from time to time to students about the importance of time management and punctuality, about respect for their time, their classmates and, especially, for the time of the teacher. Finally you may get help from To reinforce this, encourage those who come on time or who send their homework on time.

4. Take notes, emphasize, and draw.

It is known that our brain remembers a small part of what we heard, a little more from what we saw, and even more from what we experienced. As a conclusion, if a student simply reads or listens to the material, the chances that he or she will still have good knowledge are much less than those who have read or listened to, take notes, draw a map of thoughts, draw an associative drawing, or look at their notes several times after class. Motivate students to visualize their thoughts in class, while doing their homework, and do lexical and grammatical work where they need to write, find, emphasize, circle, etc.

5. Looking for additional information

"Learning from cover to cover" is not enough for a good student. He will definitely look into a couple of other sources to find a suitable rule, synonym, definition, vivid example, or an unusual combination. A good student will be creative in finding information and sharing it with you. Be sure to praise him for it. And do not forget to motivate others to search for additional information: let it be quests, crosswords, quests, presentations, etc.

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