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Rajavukku Check Review: A Total Washed Out Thriller (Rating: *1/2)

Rajavukku Check Review: A Total Washed Out Thriller (Rating: *1/2)

Film: Rajavukku Check

Cast: Cheran, Srushti Dange

Director: S. Rajkumar


Rating: *1/2

Reviewer: George Sylex

Overview - Rajavukku Check is a Tamil film featuring Cheran, Srushti Dange and Nandana Varma in noticeable roles. The movie's director is Sai Rajkumar. The film hails as an emotional thriller however, the feelings, and chills are absented in this film.

Story - Cheran fills in as a CBI official to such an extent that because of his medical problems (Sleeping issue) his significant other isolates from him to raise their girl with a more secure condition. But Cheran gets just a single day in a month to meet his girl, the days pass on for right around 10 years. At one occurrence, when his wife needed to take their girl to abroad for studies, Cheran requests having their girl to go through 10 days with him since he will be feeling the loss of her without meeting for another Four to Five years. In any case, living with him is somewhat hazardous in the light of the fact that no one thinks about when he will be dozing, on the tenth day, i.e. on his girl's birthday, Cheran gets a risk from his adversaries (Irfan and group) for assaulting his little girl.

Without ready to use any specialized interchanges, without leaving the house and without taking on kind of action, Cheran gets secured his home without ready to save his girl. What occurs straightaway? In what capacity will he be sparing his girl? What is the back story of Cheran with those foes? Will he spare his girl and send her to another country with his significant other uncovers in the end of 'Rajavukku Check'!

Script Analysis - The writer has recently planted these turns with no energy around them. He tosses curves only for it. As the story develops, it turns out to excessively unsurprising. There are hardly any normal minutes in the film which eclipses by spoilsport story. The film shots well overall, and it has some super minutes among Cheran and girl, however, it's no point having a decent wrapping when you've sketchy blessing inside.

Star Performances - Everybody knows well that Cheran will be adept for the character of the dad, his character as police were not all that able. Aside from that, his exhibition was alright! As a girl, Nandhana Varma had performed well supporting Cheran and as a reprobate, Sarayu as Cheran's better half, and Irfan and others had additionally performed well. Srushti Dange who was showing up in a couple of scenes had performed admirably however, her job in the latter half was somewhat realistic and unusual.

Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Music - Sai Rajkumar has first fizzled for being a decent writer, at that point he's ineffective in coordinating the film. At some point back there was this fascinating film called "Lens" that addressed a similar subject as this film. The show, absolutely superfluous for a thriller is a significant mishap. A couple of potential plots go unexplored and this leaves a vacuum regardless of the open door for an OK film. MS Prabhul's cinematography is nothing to expound on. Vinod Yajamanya's boisterous music is of no enormous help. Discoursed are extremely normal. Editing by CS Prem is average.

Verdict - Rajavukku Check could without much of a stretch be skipped as I said — watch it just it, you need to invest some quality energy with your boy/girlfriends. You can't watch Rajavukku Check when you have more films running along with it.

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Rajavukku Check Review: A Total Washed Out Thriller (Rating: *1/2)

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