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Sudeep Shoots 15 Hours Continuously for ‘Bigg Boss 3’

Sudeep Shoots 15 Hours Continuously for 'Bigg Boss 3'Chennai, Oct 25 (IANS) Actor Kichcha Sudeep, currently shooting for the third season of the Kannada version of "Bigg Boss 3", said on Sunday that he shot non-stop for 15 hours for the show, which he feels is fantastic.

"Shot 15 hours continuous for BB3. Fabulous energy, fantabulous team work and interesting contestants. Mind needs little rest now and legs are demanding it," Sudeep posted on his Twitter page.

"I'm sure it's a nostalgic time for the contestants of the previous two seasons. Every moment and magic will be recollected and probably want to be relived... BB is a wonderful journey and I'm glad I'm a part of it again. Till next Saturday, it's signing off time," he added.


The third season of the show goes on air on Sunday. This is the third consecutive time that Sudeep is hosting the show.

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