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Match Me If You Can Trailer Is Out

Match Me If You Can Trailer Is Out

Mumbai, 13th September 2023 (Newshelpline) - Vertical drops the trailer easy-breezy romantic comedy titled Match Me If You Can, helmed by Marian Yeager.



Kip Parsons is a computer nerd who declares war on online dating services when she's rejected by one as "unmatchable." When she writes a blog about her experience, it goes viral and everyone comes to her support, except for the dating website which tries to sue her. 


The film stars Georgina Reilly, Wilson Bethel, Brian George, Billy Armstrong, Veronica Wylie, Chaz Clark, and Kanwar Singh.


When a computer nerd named Kip Parsons (Georgina Reilly) is rejected by an online dating service and dubbed unmatchable, she goes viral by declaring war on the dating service and becoming a reluctant champion for frustrated singles everywhere. 


The screenplay is written by Betsy Morris. Produced by Monica Lund and Marian Yeager. 


This already opened in select US theatres on August 11th, 2023, and is now available digitally. 

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Match Me If You Can Trailer Is Out

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