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Government clarifies misleading reports about a fuel ‘crisis’ in Eswatini

Government clarifies misleading reports about a fuel 'crisis' in Eswatini
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Government clarifies misleading reports about a fuel 'crisis' in EswatiniGovernment would like to clarify the false and misleading statements that have been reported in one of the SABC channels in relation to the causes of fuel shortages in Eswatini during the festive season, a situation that has been labelled a Crisis.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that one oil company encountered a fuel shortage; the other oil companies had fuel available hence the situation cannot be labelled as a fuel supply crisis. The fuel shortage experienced by this one oil company was in relation to company specific logistical supply challenges that have nothing to do with Government and it is normal for any business to encounter internal challenges at some point during their operations. For instance, this particular company experienced delays where they source fuel and this situation then put pressure on the other oil companies that had fuel and they had to stretch their supplies.

It has also been falsely reported that Government is supporting a Royalty linked company by the name of "Fuelex". Fuelex is a private oil company owned by a liSwati and has no support whatsoever from Government. The company is one of the few emaSwati owned companies which is successfully competing in the fuel industry.


Government is supporting oil companies to source fuel from both SACU and Non-SACU supply sources to enhance security of fuel supply for the economy of Eswatini. It would be folly of Government to frustrate oil companies as alluded to as by doing so, Government would be working against its mandate of ensuring security of supply for the Eswatini economy.

Government appreciates the efforts made by all the oil companies in supplying fuel to the Kingdom of Eswatini and continues to forge ahead with plans for the development of a Strategic Oil Reserve facility that will cushion the country during times of fuel supply disruptions.
Distributed by APO Group on behalf of The Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

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Government clarifies misleading reports about a fuel 'crisis' in Eswatini


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