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Here is “Skylab” movie with a unique story concept, 41 years after Skylab Space Station crashed

Here is “Skylab” movie with a unique story concept, 41 years after Skylab Space Station crashed

By: RAVI HARI, Senior Writer

Nithya Menen, Satyadev Kancharana, and Rahul Ramakrishna-starrer “Skylab” will be released in theatres tomorrow (December 4). Written and directed by debutant Vishvak Khanderao, the movie is a comic period drama. Set in a fictional Bandalingampally village in Telangana, the story revolves around the fear of space station Skylab crashing in the region and all the frightening situations that happen days before the crash.


“Skylab” movie backdrop

41 years ago, on July 11, 1979, people across the southern hemisphere braced themselves for the impending crash of the Skylab space station. But, no one knew exactly when or where it would fall. Skylab scattered debris across a sparsely populated 150 km (90 mile) wide section of Western Australia. But, it was never supposed to happen that way, as per a report in Forbes.

Coming back to the movie …..

This incident as the backdrop, Vishvak Khanderao weaves an interesting script. Lot of stories around the Skylab made rounds at that time of the incident. All of those stories are new to this generation, but the trailer of the movie beautifully captures the fictional scenes – the panic, the gatherings of village elders, and keeps them all funny.

In many ways attractive, the trailer looks unique and intriguing. With great visuals, the makers try to turn the old incident into a movie to remember. Very creative in its presentation, you will say it is one of the best trailers you have seen in the recent time.

The colourful village setting, the fabulous looking star cast, phenomenal performances by Satyadev (as Anand) & Rahul Ramakrishna (Ramarao), Nithya Menen (as Gauri) looking versatile as a journalist, retro look costumes, the curiosity-generating film posters, the presentation of the old story in this modern time, and the ‘beautiful to hear’ Telangana dialect in the 2 minutes 52 seconds trailer is fresh and exciting.

The comedy looks so natural. Take this.

‘Raay.. Ma thatha gurinchi cheppura

Sachipoyindu ga ... Sachipoyindu’

And, this line by Gauri, ‘Entha varsham padina akasam matram thadavadhu’ makes everyone speechless in the scene.

The speech "Oke debbaku rendu pittalu" of the politician at the end of the trailer is so catchy.

It’s always a treat to watch such content-movies.

Get ready for a fun ride from tomorrow.

The movie is produced by Prithvi Pinnamaraju, co-produced by Nithya Minen Company, and presented by Dr K Ravi Kirane.

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

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Here is “Skylab” movie with a unique story concept, 41 years after Skylab Space Station crashed

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