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Prabhas Surprised His Fans With Biryani

Prabhas is often referred as Darling by his fans and friends from the industry. The actor is known for his utmost warmth and caring nature and he has yet again proved his love for fans with his interaction with few of his followers, who came to visit him at home.

He gave everybody a photo opportunity and also spent time listening to their love for him and receiving adorable gifts from them. To avoid any confusion and disappointment among fans, Prabhas team has started issuing passes for fans meet, so that only the fans with passes would come all the way to meet Prabhas.

Prabhas surprised his fans by ordering his staff to supply Biryani, water bottles and tea to every fan that comes to meet him. Also the police men, who were supposed to be on duty of Telangana CM KCR, were spotted at Prabhas' residence.


The higher officials, who ordered them to be on duty of CM, were furious after knowing the police went on to the duty at Prabhas' house without any notice. This made headlines the other day and the police men were seriously warned by their officials.

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