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Cabinet Approves Construction of National War Memorial

Cabinet Approves Construction of National War Memorial

New Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) The long-promised National War Memorial is set to become a reality as the union cabinet on Wednesday approved the construction of a memorial and a National War Museum in the national capital.

An official statement said the government resolves "with all its humility" at its command that the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the nation "did not die in vain" and that "Bharat Mata" is enriched by their contribution.


With an estimated cost of around Rs.500 crore, the project at Princess Park near India Gate will be completed in five years, an official statement said after the cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took the decision in this regard.

"Post-independence, more than 22,500 soldiers have made the supreme sacrifice in national interests and in the defence of the sovereignty and integrity of the country. However, even after 69 years of Independence, no memorial to commemorate the martyrs has been constructed till date," the statement said.

With this approval, a long-pending demand of the armed forces has been addressed, it added.

An empowered Steering Committee, chaired by the defence secretary, will monitor the project. This committee will be assisted by dedicated project management team, to ensure that the proposed project is completed within scheduled time frame.

Once complete, a management body will be formed for maintenance of the National War Memorial and Museum.

The project will be monitored by a committee chaired by the defence secretary to ensure its timely completion.

"This government will be establishing a War Memorial and a Museum with a deep sense of gratitude to honour those brave soldiers, who laid down their lives," the statement added.

"The memorial will promote a sense of patriotism in the minds of visitors and will award an opportunity to citizens of this vast nation, to express their token sense of gratitude to the brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for the motherland," it said.

Talking about the soldiers, who laid their life for the country, the statement added: "While their final movements, would have gone unnoticed and on occasions their final resting place unknown, this museum will capture those poignant moments in history and bring out the variegated nature of their commitments."

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