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Shalin did the right thing, fans troll Sumbul for her shocking decision

Bigg Boss is quite a twisted place. When Abdu & Sumbul entered the show as the youngest contestants, the inmates were worried about them surviving but first Abdu proved them wrong by acting the captaincy task & now Sumbul shocked everyone with her decision in the ration task yesterday.

Sumbul & Shalin's friendship blossomed in the first few days of the show, while the inmates & also Sumbul's father started to get worried about Sumbul's feelings towards Shalin, Shalin maintained that it was purely friendship & that she was just a little girl. Even after Sumbul's father was brought into the Shukrawar Ka Vaar to school Sumbul for sending out the wrong message, she didn't pay heed & continued to stick around with Shalin. While Shalin's growing fondness for Tina is not hidden, audience started calling Sumbul as the third wheel between the two.

Tina & Shalin stood by her side & guided her all this while & often sat together & chatted away. It came as a shock when in the ration task, Sumbul had to choose between saving Tina & other contestant's ration, she let Tina's go which turned out to be the most unpredictable decision of this season so far.


Tina who's been feeling under the weather looked visibly hurt but Shalin chose to speak up for her & confronted Sumbul for her decision. Sumbul argued that she was Shalin's first friend in the house & he shouldn't be taking Tina's side.

While the twiterati spoke about the love triangle brewing between the three, there was more than meets the eye.
When Sumbul's father publically humiliated Tina, Tina & Shalin went all out to guide Sumbul & ask her to take measured actions that wouldn't hurt her going ahead into the game.

Fans have been calling this, as Sumbul's obsession for Shalin & to hurt the person he cares the most about in the house, Tina.
Shalin has been a people's person & has never instigated a real fight in the last 5 weeks of the show, so one must be really hurt for him to lose his cool. While fans are praising him for taking a stand for Tina, Sumbul's fans are calling out his anger.

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Shalin did the right thing, fans troll Sumbul for her shocking decision

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