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Edgecore Launches AIOps with Aprecomm VWE Add-on to ecCloud Controller

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Aprecomm, India’s leading network intelligence company today announced the launch of Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) for Edgecore ecCLOUD controller. Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) is an AIOps solution that combines big data and machine learning to provide WiFi intelligence, automate IT operations, enhance IT efficiency, and simplify network operations.

The Edgecore Wi-Fi AIOps solution jointly launched by Edgecore and Aprecomm provides all Edgecore WiFi 6 access point users with a way to quickly upgrade the overall network operation performance. Users including enterprises, schools, hospitals, and those ISPs/MSPs with continuous network expansion needs can enjoy the benefits of the new add-on.

“Aprecomm is achieving End-End QoE Assurance with Network Automation with products like Virtual Wireless Expert. We are happy to bring VWE to all Edgecore users with this collaboration. By optimizing the network experience, VWE will provide a quick ROI to service providers,” said Pramod Gummaraj, CEO of Aprecomm.


Edgecore users can activate the add-on service through subscription-on-demand and immediately integrate the AIOps service with their own Wi-Fi networks. This add-on service brings down the WiFi downtimes by 90% and improves the overall network experience by enabling the IT team to find network problems from different networks, sites, APs, and end devices through AI algorithms by enabling VWE's built-in AI engine.

“The Aprecomm VWE add-on service goes beyond traditional performance monitoring to quickly locate, diagnose, and respond to problems across different networks, sites, and devices with the power of AI,” said, Tengtai Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks. "Allow your IT team to focus on driving business value as opposed to dealing with mundane tasks,” he added.
The key features of Aprecomm’s VWE service that create higher efficiency of Wi-Fi network operationwithAI capabilities are as follows:

  • Intelligent Frequency Selection (IFS): Uses the AI-engine to intelligently select a channel based on the quality-of-experience, observed interference patterns over time, bandwidth considerations, and several other factors.
  • Intelligent Client Steering (ICS): Forces clients on an optimized band through 11v and other steering methods. The best-suited band is considered based on quality-of-experience metrics.
  • Intelligent Cell Adapt (ICA): Enhances roaming performance through intelligent decisions on when to roam based on quality-of-experience metrics across APs.

Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm, said, “With this add-on the QoE of the users will be enhanced. Our artificial intelligence-based solution improves network performance enabling Edgecore’s users to have a seamless network experience. AI algorithms enable network IT teams to be able to get to the root cause of the issue quickly after an issue is reported and troubleshoot them immediately.”Edgecore Launches AIOps with Aprecomm VWE Add-on to ecCloud Controller

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Edgecore Launches AIOps with Aprecomm VWE Add-on to ecCloud Controller


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