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Watch the story of a young dreamer; ‘Faltu’ coming on StarPlus at 9 Pm on 2nd November

StarPlus has been the voice of many crucial issues since the beginning of their outset in the world of television. They have always started conversations unlike anyone and have time and again talked about issues that matter. SturPlus has been the number one and has been on the top of the game for a long time and now they are taking it up a notch higher, as they come up with a new show based on the story of an unwanted child. The show ‘Faltu’ is timely and relevant as it highlights a very important subject.

While the world is moving way ahead into modernity, there are some areas where women don't feel empowered but neglected from the time she is born. Based on the similar theme, Star Plus brings ‘Faltu’, a story of a young girl who faced a lot of hurdles all her life due to her family not accepting her as their own. The show is all set to come on the prime slot of 9 Pm. The show will release on the 2nd November 2022, Wednesday. This show is as exciting as it gets. With three promos being dropped back to back, the audience can not have enough of everything the show has to offer. Especially the chemistry between Ayaan and Faltu is something that we are rooting for. The spicy, fun, charming tandem of these two leads is what makes us anticipate the release of Faltu even more. It is going to be empowering to see Ayaan become the wind beneath Faltu’s wing and what is better to watch than a woman being backed by a man and helping her lead toward her dreams and ambitions?

Being a flag bearer of bringing such issues to light, Star Plus' new show Faltu promises to be an inspirational story that holds a very strong message for society about the strength of a girl child. Viewers are waiting with much anticipation to catch the show only on Star Plus! And now that the promo is out, it will be exciting to see how Faltu’s story unravels and where exactly it takes her!


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Watch the story of a young dreamer; ‘Faltu’ coming on StarPlus at 9 Pm on 2nd November

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