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Review Of Antim – A Hardcore Massy Entertainer

Review Of Antim – A Hardcore Massy Entertainer

Antim – The Final Truth – A Hardcore Massy Entertainer 



Director – Mahesh Manjrekar 


Stars – Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana, Upendra Limaye, Sachin Khedekar, Chhaya Kadam, Jisshu Sengupta. 


Set pre-dominantly in a Marathi domain, the filmmaker captures the flavour of the rural and urban Maharashtra with compelling cinematography and well written characters.


The film addresses the issues of Land Mafia. Revolving around a poor boy Rahulya, who wants to make it big as a don, his is blinded by his ambition and kills his way to the top. 


On the other side of spectrum there is a policeman Rajveer Singh played by Salman Khan, who is patiently watching as Rahulya as he rises up the ranks by using his connections and slips out of police custody time and again. 


Drunk with power and streak of violence, Rahulya loses sight of why he ever wanted to ascend the ranks, he ends up ruining his relationship with his family and ladylove. And what follows next, for that you need to watch the movie. 


Salman Khan as a fearless Sardar Cop is tad bit different than his previous cop-avatars. Apart from the look, rest of the elements, such as action, one liners and swag, all are pretty much intact. 


Aayush Sharma as a brut is something new to watch. His sheer physical transformation for the role is commendable, he has come a long way from his first film. Debutante Mahima Makwana performs pretty well within the screen time she is given!


Antim is an action drama, filled with some really cool action sequences and seeti-maar dialogue-baaji, so, if you enjoy that kind of space, this is right fit for you!



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Review Of Antim – A Hardcore Massy Entertainer

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