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It Is All About Love – Hiccups & Hookups Is Refreshing And Sassy – Review

It Is All About Love - Hiccups & Hookups Is Refreshing And Sassy - Review

It Is All About Love - Hiccups & Hookups Is Refreshing And Sassy 



Series-Hiccups & Hookups




Cast: Lara Dutta, Prateik Babbar, Shinnova


Director: Kunal Kohli


Lara Dutta as a single mother belts out a spectacular performance in a brand new sassy and refreshing series, Hiccups And Hookups revolving around a dysfunctional family trying to find love in the fast paced life.


Vasudha Rao aka Lara, a single mother who is separated from her husband, lives with her younger brother Akhil played by Prateik Babbar and a daughter Kay played by Shinnova. 


The show tackles issues of the modern-day relationship in progressive families living in big cities, where food on the table or roof you’re your head, aren’t the sort of things ones needs to worry about. 


Lara is trying to find love or a new partner amidst of her struggle with cheating husband, a demanding job and a trouble-making teenage daughter. 


Prateik as Akhil, is enjoying a care-free life, he gets drunk, cut corners at workplace, sleep with a different partner every weekend, but loves his sister and enjoys her company more than anyone else in family. 


Lara’s daughter in series, Kay, she is trouble making teenager, who is coming to terms with her parents being separated and her own life.


Like any other good series, the makers have invested lot in characters, which are well written, established and performed to perfection by stellar ensemble. Lara as Vasudha shines in the series as a progressive mother, Prateik is spontaneous, but his character is layered, which is refreshing to watch. 


The series also stars Divya Seth, Nassar Abdullah, Khalid Siddiqui, Meiyang Chang, Meera Chopra and Ayn Zoya. It streams on Liongate Play from 26th November 2021.

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It Is All About Love - Hiccups & Hookups Is Refreshing And Sassy - Review

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