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Top 10 Remote Jobs in 2021

One of the biggest changes to come out of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic was the shift to remote working. While many businesses were already operating this way, the pandemic increased the need for remote workers tenfold. If you’re interested in working remotely, below are some of the top roles in 2021.

Top 10 Remote Jobs in 2021

1. Programming

Programming is one of those insular jobs that simply require a computer and an internet connection. Therefore, it can easily be done at a distance, whether it’s coding, video game design, app development, or front- and back-end software development. 


2. Freelance Writing & Editing

While it can take time to build a freelance writing and editing career, it is another fantastic role that can be done remotely. Whether it’s copywriting, blog writing, research, or technical documents, writing gigs can be completed and discussed via email and other online platforms such as Slack. 

3. Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing, while traditionally done face to face, is increasingly going online. Thanks to the numerous digital platforms available, sales can be made over the phone or virtually. Firms are also hiring remote marketing specialists, especially as many businesses operate online or require digital marketing services.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is another fantastic way to make a living online. With chatbots and virtual assistants popping up everywhere, many online retailers and businesses are hiring remote workers to respond to customer queries. If you have a penchant for helping people, this might be the role for you.

5. Teaching & Tutoring

Teaching on the internet was almost unheard of over twenty years ago. Thanks to advances in online learning tools, many teachers and tutors are making a living remotely. As the world becomes increasingly global, there is also increased demand for remote teachers from countries that want to recruit niche-achieving instructors. 

6. Data Entry

If you’ve ever done a search for remote jobs, data entry might be one that’s at the top of the list. If you have excellent typing skills and are detail-oriented, you can make a fairly decent living working from home or working remotely in shared office spaces like LocalWorks.

7. Product Manager

If you are a skilled product manager, many of these roles can also be done remotely. Numerous businesses and tech companies are hiring product managers who either work remotely in the area or in a different country entirely. These roles are well paid and can range from part-time to full-time.

8. Translator

If you are well versed in more than one language, you can also make a career as a remote translator. Many jobs in this field can be done at a distance as the work typically involves translating articles, news stories, web pages, or books.

9. Consultant 

Consultant work can also be done remotely, whether it’s in management, health and wellness, or finance. Depending on your expertise, you can easily build your own consulting company online. If you prefer to be your own boss and are happy with travel and remote work, a consultant job might be for you.

10. Administrator

Administration work is another interesting field that is going increasingly online. Tasks such as scheduling, email correspondence, and meeting organizing can all be done remotely. Many companies also use other digital platforms that allow employees to store and share files from afar.

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