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How to Keep Yourself Busy During an International Soccer Break

Soccer fans are very lucky in a lot of different ways. First of all, they have top-quality matches on nearly every single night of the week. From domestic leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga, to continental competitions such as the Champions and Europa leagues, they truly are spoiled for choice. Not to mention the constant drama that takes place behind the scenes between matches—it is truly a sport that moves 24/7.

If you ask a soccer fan what is one aspect of the sport that they dislike, it’s the international break. Don’t get this mistaken with the likes of the World Cup and European Championships; these are two of the most highly anticipated sporting events in the world. However, it takes a lot of games for countries to prepare for these contests.

How to Keep Yourself Busy During an International Soccer Break


Qualifying and friendly matches take players away from their clubs—meaning, no club soccer during these periods. Although many international games can be great, there are also a lot of less-than-intriguing fixtures. For many soccer fans, they will opt out of watching live sport during this break. If this applies to you, you might start to feel bored during this time. If so, here are some tips on how to keep busy during the international break. 

Get Some New Hobbies

It is always worthwhile to have more than one hobby. This means that as much as you love soccer, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy any other pastime. You could use the international break to explore some of these possibilities.

A good option that will interest many soccer fans is online gaming. Sites such as JackpotCity will have an abundance of casino games that you can try; so much variety that it will without a doubt cover the entirety of the international break. You could also try getting into a new sport, or even taking up some exercise. 

Go on a Weekend Away 

There is no better distraction on a weekend than doing some traveling. Why not take this opportunity to see a new part of the world.

This could be a town or city in your country that you never got around to seeing, or you could even travel abroad. The choice is up to you. This is a very productive way to spend your weekend, and you could have so much fun that you even forget that there was no club soccer this week. 

Look Ahead to Upcoming Fixtures 

You can always fight boredom with anticipation. In this instance, you can do this by looking ahead to the upcoming fixtures. Who is playing who once club soccer returns?

You can even use this to give you an added interest to the games going on—see how players are performing for their nation. If they are in good form, they could end up having a significant impact for their club upon their return. You can also see if some clubs have many players on international duty playing lots of minutes—could this affect their fitness levels?

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