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What Can You Do To Make Yourself A More Desirable Candidate

Even at the best of times, managing to secure yourself an interview, much less an actual job, is not remotely close to being easy. Matters have been made yet worse by the conditions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, which have left the employment of many people in question, meaning the demand for new employment positions is incredibly high. 

With so many odds stacked against you, it can be tempting just to throw in the towel, but when it comes to stakes like these, even that might not be an option. Still, there is no need to despair, and it’s best to persevere with a positive attitude, especially when there are so many options available that you can utilize to make yourself a more desirable candidate.

What Can You Do To Make Yourself A More Desirable Candidate


Get More Skills and Qualifications Under Your Belt

One of the most straightforward ways you can make yourself more appealing to your potential employers is to increase your skillset and the number of qualifications you possess. This will then allow you to present this information in an impressive way on your CV, which can make a better first impression as well as make you seem like a better fit for the job. The nature of this job that you’re looking for might mean the skills that you seek vary, but if you’re not in the market for one particular role, you might turn your attention to regularly sought-after skills.

In this case, it’s good to know which skills are currently valued more than others by employers so you can base your decisions around that. There might be training courses that make use of these skills and emergent technologies to grant you the best possible chance of snagging a new position. For example, training to be a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect makes use of cloud technology, something that is seemingly becoming more prevalent in both a professional and personal sphere, so qualifications in that area might help you break through into new roles.

Be Confident in Your Approach

Applying for a job is something that feels like it should be about one thing but quite often can be about something else altogether. The candidate's skills and qualifications against the job specifications feel like the main consideration but sometimes are less important than the attitude, confidence, and presentation that you put forward. The employer needs to know that you can thrive in this position and not just that you’ll be able to handle the kind of work that you’ll be dealing with.

This element of presentation comes forward in every stage of your application. It’s important that your CV is as impressive and professional as it can be while framing all of your relevant experience in a way that draws their eyes. It’s important that your application gets across these aspects of your personality as well. It’s important to remember this when it comes to the interview as well, as coming across in a friendly and comfortable manner might help you seem more likable to the interviewers. 

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