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Kamala Review: A Mystery Of Puzzles (Rating: ***)

Kamala Review: A Mystery Of Puzzles (Rating: ***)

Film: Kamala

Cast: Ruhani Sharma, Aju Varghese, Anoop Menon

Director: Ranjith Sankar


Rating: ***

Reviewer: George Sylex

Story - The film significantly turns around two characters Safar and Kamala. Safar is a land and property broker. He is a sharp businessperson and a regular Malayali male character. Kamala is an independent voyager whom Safar meets during a business exchange on the web. She drops in at his companions' retreat in Athirappilly with a concealed aim. She invests some time with Safar and leaves him on a fine morning. That day Safar witnesses a few secrets and the film advances through Safar's inquiry to discover Kamala and the unsolved puzzles.

Script Analysis - The script is written by Ranjith Sankar and this man had the hardest activity to do. To compose a story dependent on mystery and socially pertinent theme isn't in every case simply due to the measure of research work goes behind it. Ranjith Sankar has done an amazing activity in realizing what occurred and sifting what he needed to show to keep the engaging component alive. The plot gets unconvincing at certain spots because of its moderate pace. A lot of anything is bad, the same applies to Kamala. Loads of perplexity and expectations sooner or later begin to bug you and make you eager to know the shrouded secret in the film.

Star Performances - Aju Varghese as the leader wants to talk with his eyes and he gets enough opportunities to positively influenced this one. In spite of the fact that the film is erratic however, everybody anticipated this person is going to nail his job and he has conveyed the same. Ruhani Sharma has delivered a pleasant exhibition as both Kamala and Nidhi. She consummately accommodates her character as she pros in communicating her feelings. She's credible in enchanting out conveys the directors' vision with greatness. Anoop Menon, Sunil Sugada and Biju Sopanam are good in their respective jobs.

Direction - The most grounded component in the movie Kamala is its direction which has been finished with genuine mastery and craftsmanship by Ranjith Sankar. In spite of the fact that the film is loaded up with astonishing exhibitions, it'll generally be associated with him. This man has included a jewel in the list of his movies. This is from those great movies which are not implied for everybody, it has its intended interest group among which it'll get assessed yet hardly any individuals will just not appreciate as much as those people will. The development of suspense made by great composing worked for the film however a straightforward yet successful punch in the climax could have done wonders.

Cinematography & Music - There are very little songs that hinder your watching experience. Anand Madhusoodanan's score sends out the correct notes in the story. Not very overwhelming and not very mellow, yet inaccurate dose the score consummately mixes and gives the ideal impact in the film Kamala. The cinematography by Shehzad Jalal is great. He befits the remarkable areas on which the film has been shot, making the special visualization just shocking. From flawlessly catching the pith of an area to the flare with which the change of one scene to another is has been done, appears to be much the same as a blade through butter.

Final Verdict - Kamala is for the individuals who appreciate mystery thriller dramas with no high flying actions or booming music. Keep your desires in charge and you'll unquestionably get worth your ticket cost. Watch it right on time before the spillage of mystery.


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Kamala Review: A Mystery Of Puzzles (Rating: ***)

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