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Dr.Mohan Babu’s Brother ‘s Son Manchu Ramu Passed Away

Dr.Mohan Babu's Brother 's Son Manchu Ramu Passed AwayManchu Ramu, son of Mr. Naidu, at the age of 44 left the world today in Chennai. Ramu who works as a professor at a renowned college in Chennai has been suffering with a serious illness in recent days.The whole family is in deep sorrow with this sad news.

It is a huge loss for Manchu family. Dr. M Mohan Babu's (brother's son) passed away today leaving the whole Manchu family in a deep sorrow.

The Manchu family expressed their grief on twitter


Lost my cousin Manchu Ramu anna due to jaundice on Oct 30th. He was the first born Manchu in our generation (1/2)

-----Manchu Manoj


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