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Rajamouli Appreciates Rudramadevi

Rajamouli Appreciates Rudramadevi

Ace director S.S. Rajamouli praised the work of Rudramadevi's team and this is what he has to say on his facebook

Gona Gannareddy all the way. When the film was almost stalled, Bunny's entry into the cast revived it. Heard that it was again Bunny who was instrumental in getting the tax exemption. And he excelled on screen. A hero on screen and also off it. Respect Gannareddy. err.. Gona Gannareddy...


Sweety, with your screen presence, dedication, commitment, sincerity you are a boon to the film industry. No one else could be Rudhramadevi... Period.

Would Have loved more screen time for Veerabhadra and Rudhramadevi. But Rana made his presence felt even with that. For any film maker who wants to make a period film he is indispensable.

Again would have loved more political game from Sivadevayya, but guess that is enough for Prakashraj garu to excel.

Congratulations to Gunasekhar garu and his team for attempting making releasing and garnering a huge success...

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