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Congress Alleges over Rs.6,000 Crore ‘Black Money’ Sent out of India

Congress Alleges over Rs.6,000 Crore 'Black Money' Sent out of India

New Delhi, Oct 9 (IANS) The Congress alleged on Friday that Rs.6,000 crore of "black money" had been sent out of the country from a public sector bank months after the NDA government came to power last may and sought an independent probe into the "scam."

Congress spokesperson R.P.N. Singh hit out at the BJP over its claims that there had been no scam during the rule of Narendra Modi government and said "cash of Rs.6,172 crore was deposited in Bank of Baroda after July 2014", violating rules governing such transactions.


Singh told reporters here that "the money was deposited as an advance in 59 accounts of the bank" located in Delhi.

"Rs 6,172 crore was sent out of the country to get commodities such as pulses, rice and cashew nuts... but information was not taken if the commodities were received or not," Singh alleged.

"The money was sent to Hong Kong where none of these commodities is produced. The money was sent to some specific companies in Hong Kong," he added.

He said three of the Indian companies are not traceable on the addresses mentioned by them.

Singh said that based on the inquiry report submitted by the bank, the government was aware of the "scam" and asked why no FIR had been registered.

He alleged that officials of the bank had the "patronage" of finance ministry officials and asked the government to come clean on the issue.

"This government tells us that it had brought Rs.4,000 crore of black money back. But in one-and-a-half year, Rs.6172 crore has gone to Hong Kong....Money is going out and that too without documents," Singh alleged.

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