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Scary To Carry An Entire Project On Ones Shoulder Says Daisy Shah

Scary To Carry An Entire Project On Ones Shoulder Says Daisy Shah

Mumbai, 4th March 2023 (NewsHelpline) - Actress Daisy Shah is making her digital debut with upcoming web series Lahora - The Kingdom, says it is tough and scary to carry an entire project on ones shoulder. 



Lahora – The Kingdom series is directed by Shahid Kazmi filming starts in Kashmir and Mumbai in the first week of April 2023. The series stars an incredible ensemble cast including Daisy Shah, Sara Khan, Raza Murad, Mir Sarwar, Arjun Manhas, Ray Parihar, Aarti Bhagat, Faizan Khan, And Shoib Nikash Shah. 


During her interaction with NewsHelpline, we asked Daisy about changing landscape of entertainment content, and now female oriented stories are told, she said, “Women oriented subjects are being made, which is a good thing, there were a lot of stories which no one wanted to see through women’s point of view but now we see more projects which highlights women’s perspective, so that broaden the horizon and people become more accepting and it also create a sympathy for females as well. If we look where we’re coming from, the mentality was female will run the house, get married, have kids, just because women have started stepping out, and started doing women oriented projects, which back the idea that women can do as good a job as man, if not better, things are changing”  


When asked about star-power and carrying a project on one shoulder, she said, “if I tell you honestly, the whole thing is scary because carrying the entire project on your shoulders is a huge responsibility, a lot of careers are attached to one project, it is not just about actors, it is also about the people who works behind the camera as well” 


“To have entire project on your shoulder is a different thing, whether I will be do it or not, that is a big question, and then there is an entire team which is backing you up” added Daisy. 


The series is written by Shahid Kazmi, and co-prodcued by Jagjeet Singh Rissam and Kazmi. 

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Scary To Carry An Entire Project On Ones Shoulder Says Daisy Shah

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