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Amazing Telegram Android Additions

Amazing Telegram Android Additions

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. It's free, secure, and can be used across platforms and devices. But did you know that Telegram(Telegram汉化) has some hidden features that make it even better? Here are some great additions to your Android device:

Make calls using Telegram

To make a call using Telegram, you'll need to:

-Initiate the call by tapping on the telephone icon


-Accept an incoming call by tapping on it or pressing the answer button on your phone

-End a call by pressing on the relevant button (end) and then engaging in another activity such as typing or sending images.

In addition, if you don't want to be disturbed while working, there's an option that allows you to turn off notifications for calls and messages. If someone gets in touch with you when this feature is activated, they can send you a message instead of contacting you via audio/video chat.

Archive chats

Archive chats

Save important conversations

Share with others

You can archive chats to keep your chats organized, save them for later reference, or share them with others. Archiving a chat also creates a backup that you can access from your profile page. To archive a chat:

Use your voice to dictate messages

To send a message using your voice, tap the mic icon on the chat screen and say what you want to say. Once done, tap again to stop recording. You can listen to what you said by tapping Play, and then send it by tapping Send.

Send a disappearing message

If you want to send a message that disappears after a certain amount of time, use the new disappearing messages feature. This feature allows you to send a message that is only visible to your recipient and will automatically be deleted from both of your phones after it has been viewed. The ability to have messages disappear from both devices means that you can send an important note or reminder without worrying about the security of your inbox.

You can also view these messages at any time by opening the app on your phone and clicking ‘disappearing messages’ in the menu bar at the bottom left side of your screen.

Hide our phone number

If you want to hide your phone number for privacy, but still want to be found by people who know you by username, Telegram(tg注册) has a solution. You can go into the app and choose “Show my number when I share it” or “Hide my number from everyone except friends or friends.” The former option will make it so only people in your address book can find your new number; the latter allows anyone with a friend in common with you to see how to contact you without having access to your personal information.

If some of those friends-of-friends don't need access either—or if there's someone else whose identity is secret—you can also use the "Hide" function on anyone's profile. This lets them stay hidden from other users even when they share their contact information on their profiles!

Prevent data from being copied and pasted in chats

Have you ever been in a group chat where someone copied and pasted an address, phone number, or other sensitive information? If so, you know how frustrating it can be—you're trying to have a conversation with your friends but now they're all concerned about who could've seen their info.

Fortunately for us (and them), there's a way to prevent data from being copied and pasted in chats. You can do this by going into the app settings and tapping "Prevent clipboard data from being shared." This will prevent any text from being copied or shared on the clipboard unless it's manually selected by tapping on it first.

Lock personal conversations

If you want to keep a conversation private, Telegram has one of the best methods around. Tap the lock icon in the top right corner when viewing a chat. Now anyone who tries to join your group or exchange messages with you will see that they're locked out and unable to view them. You can also lock a group by tapping on the lock icon at the top right corner of any group screen, which will show up under each member’s name in their profile picture (you may need to scroll down). Alternatively, you can create an Official Secret Chats (OSC) and invite friends to it—they'll be able to access only what's shared within this OSC; other chats will remain hidden until unlocked by both parties using end-to-end encryption.

Change the color of individual conversations

The chat color feature is a great way to make it easier to find your conversations. If you have an important conversation, you can change the color of that chat to make it stand out from others. You can also use this feature to differentiate between different groups of chats so that when you are looking through your inbox, all the messages from one group will be in a different color than those in another group.

Telegram is more feature rich than you know

Telegram is a messenger app that has been around for a while, but it's still not as popular as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you've ever used Telegram before, you may have noticed some of its features are missing from other messaging apps (like emoji reactions). That's because there are so many different features available on Telegram that it can be hard to find them all.

Here we'll go over some useful additions that make the app more powerful than you might think at first glance.

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s super fast, simple, secure, and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of phones, tablets, or computers.


A telegram is a powerful tool, and we’re excited to help you use it to its fullest potential. You don’t need any technical knowledge or special apps—just join our community and discover the many ways that you can be more productive with Telegram.

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Amazing Telegram Android Additions

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