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Arzutraa’s stunningly romantic single ‘Marjaavan’ launches on 12th November

The flame of love rekindles and Arzutraa is going to put the fire in your hearts with her upcoming highly anticipated new single 'Marjaavan'. The British Indian pop sensation is all set to release her most awaited song of the year produced by highly renowned Dubai-based Producer Atif Ali.

With a stylized video shot in London, the story of the song unfolds with a timeless tale of two lovebirds where the girl (played by Arzutraa herself) is yearning for the sight of her loved one. The memories of the past traumatize the existence of the girl and she sings a wish longing to see her lover again. Arzutraa's Bollywood influence is evident in the way in which the romantic melody has been composed and the lyrics sung with such heartfelt emotion. We can imagine this song to leave an evergreen mark in history.

Arzutraa, the singer of two albums and 20 music videos ‘til date, lives in London and has a strong passion for Hindi music. While Hindi is a language alien to Arzutraa, when it comes to singing Arzutraa's Hindi skills are limitless. Arzutraa is achieving her goal to entertain the world with the power of love through her soulful voice based on her desire to sing in the language of Bollywood. Her global fan base has been eagerly awaiting for this song which launches on 12th November 2021.


The song is expected to give her worldwide fans a dose of true love. Arzutraa says, "I really feel this song and I know my fans will feel it like I do too." With this innocence, Arzutraa has filled 'Marjaavan' with pure love that one cannot escape when listening to the song. We are sure this is going to be a career-defining song for Arzutraa.

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Arzutraa's stunningly romantic single 'Marjaavan' launches on 12th November

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