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Oorantha Anukuntunnaru Review: Twisted Love Story (Rating ***)

Oorantha Anukuntunnaru Review: Twisted Love Story (Rating ***)

Oorantha Anukuntunnaru Review: Twisted Love Story (Rating ***) (Photo:SocialNews.XYZ)

Movie:- Oorantha Anukuntunnaru (2019)

Cast:- Naveen VijayaKrishna, Srinivasa Avasarala, Megha Chowdhury, Sophiya Singh, Rao Ramesh, Jayasudha, Kota Srinivasarao

Producers:- Srihari Mangalampalli, Ramya Gogula, PLN Reddy


Music Director:- K.M. Radhakrishnan

Cinematography:- GLN Baabu

Editor:- Madhu

Director:- Balaji Sanala

Naveen Vijay Krishna who came from a superstar family is again back with his new film Oorantha Anukuntunnaru. The film was released today and lets whether Naveen has scored a hit or not.

Story( Spoiler-free):-

The movie opens in Ramapuram which is a very rich and prosperous village and filled with lovely people. However, they have a different custom that if a couple wants to get married, the entire village needs to approve of it. On the other hand, the elders in the village decide that Mahesh(Naveen Chandra) and Gauri(Megha Chowdary) should get married. But the twist here is that Mahesh falls in love with Maya(Sophiya) and Gauri falls in love with Siva(Sreenivasa Avasarala). How will this tricky situation get solved? Will Mahesh and Gauri be successful in love? To know that, you have to watch the film on the big screen only.


  • Naveen Krishna improved a lot when compared with his past flicks.
  • Sreenivas Avasarala comedy timing.
  • The chemistry between the lead pair looks good.
  • The cinematography was awesome.
  • Different story with gripping narration made it quite impressive.
  • Production values are good.
  • Rao Ramesh Characterization was attractive.
  • Director was given his best output which will be entertained by everyone.


  • Little bit drag in both halves.
  • Can trim few un-necessary scenes easily.


Naveen Krishna who is struggling very hard to get into success track has finally achieved this film. His improvised acting performance made quite impressive.

Sreenivas Avasarala as usual done his best to entertain the audience. All other actors have done a decent job with their limited screen presence.

The on-screen chemistry between both lead pairs was attractive.

The cinematography was quite gripping and will be connected by the audience.

Director had stuck to the core point which made this film to walk in a success path.

Finally, we can thoroughly enjoy this flick without any expectations. Watch this film at the nearest theatres by you.

Rating: 3/5

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