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Sensational story behind Pollachi Sexual abuse case!

Sensational story behind Pollachi Sexual abuse case!

On February 12th, A 19-Year-Old Girl (Victim) in Pollachi received a call from her Male Friend (Sabarirajan) who asked her to meet alone for discussing an important matter. When she went to the spot, Sabarairajan and his Friend Thirunavukkarasu were waiting in the car. She was asked to get into the car. Soon after she got in, Two more youngsters (Sathish, Vasanth Kumar) made themselves comfortable in the vehicle. All the four began misbehaving with the Teenager.

She was stripped and filmed nudely. Thereafter, They threatened that the video would be shared on the internet if she doesn't accept their demands. The girl was sexually exploited and her valuables were taken away. As the harassment continued for days, The Victim disclosed what has happened to her Family Members. Girl's Brother thrashed Sabarairajan and another Accused upon finding their whereabouts. In the process of deleting the video of his Sister in Sabarairajan's Mobile, He found out that so many girls were exploited in the same manner. Immediately, A complaint was lodged by Girl's Brother and the case was booked under relevant sections.

Modus Operandi: At first, Sabarairajan befriends Young Girls and convinces them to meet him alone. Thereafter, He would harass the girls along with his friends.


The investigation disclosed close to 200 Women had suffered due to the harassment from these four men. One of the Accused is a member of AIADMK. He was suspended by the Ruling Party after the sexual abuse case became a sensation.

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