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Two Indian-Americans Sentenced for 15 Years in US

Two Indian-Americans Sentenced for 15 Years in USWashington, Oct 28 (IANS) Two Indian-Americans were sentenced to 15 years in jail by a Tennessee court, in the US, for conspiring to commit murder.

In 2013, cousins Prattikumar Patel and Kalpesh Patel conspired to arrange the murder of Krupaben Patel, wife of Prattikumar Patel, in Rutherford county, The American Bazaar reported on Wednesday.

They were found guilty in August this year. Judge David Bragg sentenced both of them to a minimum 15 years in jail on the conspiracy charge.


Both were arrested in September 2013 after a man, Chris Robinson, informed the authorities about the conspiracy.

They approached Robinson to arrange someone to murder Krupaben by offering to pay $50,000 to the murderer.

Later, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tapped a call from Prattikumar to Robinson and arrested the cousins.

He had taken a $6 million life insurance policy for his wife. He also had an affair with a woman who worked in his stores, the prosecution pointed out.

"I would like them to get more than the minimum, but the judge was constrained by the sentencing guidelines," assistant attorney of Tennessee Sarah Davis said.

Ed Yarbrough, who represented Prattikumar Patel, said: "We're very disappointed in the verdict and plan to appeal the case."

Earlier, Krupaben Patel told the jury that prior to the arrest she did not believe her husband tried to murder her.

She also said she knew her husband had an affair with another woman and she had forgiven him for his misdeeds.

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