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Hyderbad Youngsters Made a CGI Short Film with Just 150 Rupees


Project Pebble released their short movie, ‘Errand’ on YouTube, which they claim is the country’s first short film that has been made with 100 percent CGI and exceptional VFX technology.

With a duration of ten minutes, the movie has set a benchmark for short films in the city. The team consisting of Anush Gorak, Mani Raju, Budereddy Krishna Kanth, K Pranay Teja and Akhil Venkat have showcased extraordinary skills with the story, narration and CG work with the movie that is about a mission to reconstruct the ozone layer of Earth.

Director of ‘Errand’, Anush says, “I was always motivated by graphics in mainstream movies.” His priority is video quality and with the training he received during his education in the field, he along with his teammates made the movie with a total budget of Rs 150; the same would cost not less than lakhs if it was a mainstream one.


The equipment used were Nikon D5100 camera and software like Maya, 3Ds Max, Nuke, after effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Adding a note on the movie-making process, Anush says, “Usually, a short film takes up to ten days for the shoot. A film like this would be completed in about 90-120 days. However, as we were students (then) it took us nine months to finish the movie.”

The team is greatly impressed with the recent VFX sensation hit, ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Eega’ and wish to work with its director SS Rajamouli. “He understands the story and involves with each frame of the visuals. It would be a dream-come-true if we can work with him,” says Mani Raju.

“It isn’t about short films. For us, it is taking VFX in the right way and making something spectacular,” shares the team. Commenting on their next project they cited that it shall show the audience a glimpse of how the future will be. Talent such as this is a sure sight for a future of amazing animated movies for the Indian cinema.

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