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Movie Reviews Becoming Irrelevant at USA Boxoffice

Movie Reviews Becoming Irrelevant at USA Boxoffice

All box office experts and movie industry insiders agree that the reviews won't change the outcome of a good movie at domestic circuit. When it comes to overseas market these equations change a lot. A lot of good movies that did well in domestic circuit did not make an equal impact on USA box  office because of bad reviews for these movies.

This created an imbalance in the movie market at the box office.  It has lead to a big fights between reviewers and movie makers and some movie makers even taking potshots at reviewers in their movies. The fans started calling all the reviewers "paid reviewers". It came to a stage where all overseas distributors started appeasing the major reviewers by giving a big chunk of ads to the major review sites.


Things started to change this year. Since the epic success of Baahubali which got average reviews from all major reviewers, the audience overseas started to ignore the reviews and rely more on word of mouth.  The more premier shows helped in getting the word of mouth faster than the reviews. The release of movies in more screens helped to an extent too, since audience no longer needed to travel long distance with the whole family to watch a movie.

This was more evident last three weeks when a major reviewer ignored to review Rudramadevi as if the movie is not even worth to review and reviewed  Bruce Lee - The Fighter and gave it an above average rating before the previews started in the USA. The audience did not fell for the trap, they again relied on word of mouth and made Rudramadevi as safe venture and Bruce Lee - The Fighter a flop.

Even a small film like Kanche did very well at the box office over the weekend overcoming all sub par reviews. Times are changing at overseas box office market and for good. This is a good sign for film business as all the power is taken away from a group of reviewers and given back to the common public like good old days.

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