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It’s Good Roles over Films for Seerat Kapoor

It's Good Roles over Films for Seerat Kapoor

Chennai, Oct 20 (IANS) Actress Seerat Kapoor, who awaits the release of forthcoming Telugu romantic-drama "Columbus", is not in a hurry to accept every offer that comes her way because she prefers picking good roles over films.

"I don't like to rush. 'Columbus' is my third film in two years. I'm happy with the kind of different roles I've done. I'm being choosy and picking roles on the basis of my experience in the industry and I want to continue doing so," Seerat told IANS.


The "Run Raja Run" actress says it's important for her that each character she chooses supersedes the one she has done before.

"My benchmark for a new role is that it excites me and should give me the feeling that it's better than my last role," she said.

Her latest film "Columbus", co-starring Sumanth Ashwin and Mishti Chakraborty, releases in cinemas on Thursday.

"It's a journey of three characters that undergo a process of self-realization, allowing them to discover emotions they've never experienced before. The story is so unique, it stunned me when I heard it for the first time," she said.

"When producer M.S Raju narrated the script, I could visualize the film in my head," said Seerat, who didn't mind sharing the screen space with Mishti.

"Both our characters were written so beautifully with ample scope for performance, there was no insecurity whatsoever to work alongside her," she said.

Paired with Sumanth for the first time, Seerat said he was a very encouraging co-actor.

"He's not a dominating actor. He was warm and very cordial to work with," said Seerat, who has been getting offers from Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi industries too.

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