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Bruce Lee -The Fighter Opens Very Well in India

Bruce Lee -The Fighter Opens Very Well in India

Bruce Lee - The fighter most anticipated movie did very well on the first day says box office source. The movie opened with an average word of mouth but collected around  12.66 crores in AP/Telangana.The  highest opening for Charan's Movie. The Chiru's 3 minutes cameo helped the collections too.

It performed very well in the Ceded, Vizag, Guntur, and Nellore. The box office experts fell the numbers could be misleading because most of day one collections included a good number of  fixed hires which help with the total collections.


The movie's overseas collections looked very dull. It collected less on Friday than Thursday premiers. The USA collections are around 400+k even after releasing in the maximum number of screens.

The day two morning and noon shows took a big drop. If the evening shows does not pick up the movie may end up as one more 40+ movie for Ram charan, since there are no big movies next 3 weeks.

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