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Making Me A Hero Is A Collaborative Effort Says Gurmeet Chaudhary

Making Me A Hero Is A Collaborative Effort Says Gurmeet Chaudhary

Gurmeet Chaudhary, renowned for his versatile acting and charismatic presence on screen, recently shared insights into his latest venture portraying Commander Karan Saxena in a new series. He humbly acknowledges the collaborative effort behind bringing characters to life.



While interacting with media during the special screening of Commander Karan Saxena, actor Gurmeet said, “Acting is very easy, when I am in-front of the camera, I get the dialogues, makeup artist and hair artist perform their work, costume department do their job, we got to look best and deliver a good performance, but people like Jatin, who directed the series, Amit, who wrote the character, all of their hard work went into making me a hero.” 


Directed by Jatin Wagle the series, based on a character created by acclaimed writer Amit Khan, promises an adrenaline-pumping narrative underscored by patriotism and heroism.


In addition to discussing his role, Gurmeet took a moment to extend heartfelt support to actress Hina Khan, emphasizing her resilience and strength in facing personal challenges. He said, “Hina Khan is a fighter, every time I have met her, she has always been a fighter, even right now, she is sharing videos on her social media, like a fighter, where she is fighting her disease, and when the spirit is so resilient and resolve is so high, I am sure she will win this fight, and we all are praying to god that Hina Khan gets well soon and come back.” 


Produced by Keylight Productions, the series is set to premiere on Disney+Hotstar on July 8. 

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Making Me A Hero Is A Collaborative Effort Says Gurmeet Chaudhary

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