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Prime Video Unveils Trailer for “Jackpot!” – A Dark Comedy by Paul Feig

Prime Video Unveils Trailer for "Jackpot!" - A Dark Comedy by Paul Feig

Prime Video has dropped the exciting trailer for "Jackpot!", a dark comedy helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Paul Feig. Set in the near future, the film presents a bizarre yet comedic premise revolving around a newly established 'Grand Lottery' in California, where winning the jackpot comes with an unexpected twist.



Starring a dynamic ensemble cast, "Jackpot!" features Awkwafina as Katie Kim, a newcomer to Los Angeles who unwittingly becomes the winner of the multi-billion dollar jackpot. However, in this dystopian version of California, the winner's life is at risk until sundown, as anyone can legally kill them to claim the prize.


Caught in this chaotic scenario, Katie teams up with Noel Cassidy, played by John Cena, an amateur lottery protection agent. Noel agrees to protect Katie in exchange for a share of her prize, leading to a hilarious and action-packed race against time.


Adding to the mix is Simu Liu as Louis Lewis, Noel's slick rival who is equally determined to get his hands on Katie's fortune. As the stakes escalate and the clock ticks down, Katie, Noel, and Louis find themselves in a series of comedic and suspenseful encounters that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


The screenplay, penned by Rob Yescombe, promises a blend of witty dialogue, sharp satire, and unexpected twists that define the trademark humor of Paul Feig's directorial style. With a diverse and talented cast including MGK, Ayden Mayeri, Seann William Scott, Dolly de Leon, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sam Asghari, "Jackpot!" is set to deliver a memorable cinematic experience.


"Jackpot!" is slated to start streaming on Prime Video from August 15th, 2024!

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Prime Video Unveils Trailer for "Jackpot!" - A Dark Comedy by Paul Feig

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