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Soundous Moufakir Unveils Stunning Peacock-Inspired Avatar for New Song ‘Morni’

Soundous Moufakir Unveils Stunning Peacock-Inspired Avatar for New Song 'Morni'

Breaking the internet with her mesmerizing new look, Moroccan model-turned-actor Soundous Moufakir left fans in awe as she flaunted a brand new avatar for her latest music video, 'Morni.' Dressed in a striking ensemble adorned with a peacock feather design, Soundous captivated onlookers with her enchanting presence while promoting the song, which pays homage to the majestic national bird of India.



'Morni,' meaning 'peacock' in Hindi, is a collaboration between renowned rapper Raftaar and talented artists Jaani, Sukh-E, Avvy Sra, and Bhumika Sharma. Released on Tuesday, the track features Soundous Moufakir in a lead role, adding her unique charm and charisma to the vibrant energy of the song.


The music video, directed by Crevixa, promises to be a visual extravaganza, with Soundous dazzling audiences with her graceful dance moves and magnetic performance. Renowned choreographer duo Piyush and Shazia have curated dynamic dance steps, adding another layer of excitement to the track's energetic party anthem vibe, infused with the nostalgic pop sounds of the 1990s.


Soundous Moufakir, known for her appearances on reality shows like MTV Roadies X9 and MTV Splitsvilla X4, as well as several hit music videos, brings her unparalleled talent and charisma to 'Morni,' elevating the song to new heights of success and popularity.


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Soundous Moufakir Unveils Stunning Peacock-Inspired Avatar for New Song 'Morni'

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