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Hrithik Roshan To Present Pushtaini, Helmed By Vinod Rawat

Hrithik Roshan To Present Pushtaini, Helmed By Vinod Rawat

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has boarded his acting coach Vinod Rawat‘s feature directorial debut “Pushtaini” as a presenter.



Sharing the long note on his social media profile, Hrithik Roshan drop the trailer for the film. He wrote, “When @vinraw first spoke to me of “PUSHTAINI” I couldn’t quite imagine or visualise the film. I remember thinking this is a great germ of an idea but it seemed absurd to me that he would give up everything and put all his finances into executing it.” 


“We were in the middle of the lockdown, Vinod told me he’d be shooting the project in his native Uttarakhand, that he would also be directing and acting in the film and as he had little to no funds, his family would be playing all the other characters, I was sure this was going to be an experimental home video at best. Worried, I asked him if I could support him in any way but he seemed clear he wanted to do this himself.” 


“Months passed and I heard Covid had halted the film and he was down to his last Rs. 15,000. But Vinod was determined and said he would continue making the film and if anything went wrong, he would take that as his destiny and stop the project. And then one day just like that he came to me with a complete film. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I went in to watch but to my utmost surprise and delight the film made me laugh, it made me cry and I came away absolutely awestruck with what this man had achieved singlehandedly, without any help whatsoever. PUSHTAINI had a heart and it had won mine.” 


“I have known Vinod to be an excellent coach but he truly surprised me as an Actor, Director and Producer. How he overcame all his limitations and created this magic was unbelievable to me. I came out inspired and reaffirmed that if you really want to create something, the universe conspires in the most beautiful ways to make it happen. Pushtaini is a testament to this belief and It is a joy for me to able to be a small part of this journey. The past year has been one of incredible achievement for indian independent cinema at the world stage. My hope is Vinod’s journey will inspire us all to do all we can to support independent filmmakers in the country and create more space for new alternate voices to be heard. With that thought, Its my absolute honour to present the trailer of #Pushtaini, releasing in cinemas on June 21, 2024 @pushtainifilm @vinraw” added Hrithik. 


In “Pushtaini,” Rawat stars as Bhuppi, a struggling actor who is desperate to secure his last chance at stardom after he finds himself caught in an embarrassing scandal. Forced to return to his home and face his past, Bhuppi travels through the mountains and shares adventures with strangers, unaware of what the journey has in store for him.


The film features a cameo by Rajkummar Rao. It is written by Rawat and co-written by Rita Heer, who also plays a prominent character in the film. Additionally, the film features non-professional actors, including Rawat’s own family members.

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Hrithik Roshan To Present Pushtaini, Helmed By Vinod Rawat

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