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Bakhtiyaar Irani and Ali Sagar Introduce ‘Chuddy Buddy’: A Refreshing Twist to Podcasting

Bakhtiyaar Irani and Ali Sagar Introduce 'Chuddy Buddy': A Refreshing Twist to Podcasting

Renowned personalities from the entertainment industry, Bakhtiyaar Irani and Ali Sagar, are set to embark on a new adventure with their upcoming podcast-style show titled 'Chuddy Buddy.' This dynamic duo, known for their vibrant personalities and comedic flair, aims to revolutionize the podcasting landscape with their innovative approach.



In a recent interview, Bakhtiyaar Irani shared insights into the unique concept of 'Chuddy Buddy': “This is not just a podcast; it is a show. Firstly, there are two hosts who will engage celebrities in conversations about friendship. Instead of simply asking questions, we'll put their friendships to the test through various activities like acting, dancing, and other fun challenges. We are changing the entire meaning of podcasting.”


Ali Sagar further elaborated on the show's premise: “Although Bakhtiyaar and I didn't grow up together, we share a deep connection and have become each other's constant support. This got us thinking about the nature of friendships in the industry. Are these relationships genuine, or are they merely superficial connections forged at parties or award nights? 'Chuddy Buddy' will delve into these dynamics and explore what friendship truly means to our guests.”


Promotional materials for 'Chuddy Buddy' have already been released, generating excitement among fans. While the show's format is still being finalized, discussions are underway regarding potential platforms for its telecast, in addition to YouTube.

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Bakhtiyaar Irani and Ali Sagar Introduce 'Chuddy Buddy': A Refreshing Twist to Podcasting

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