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Routes 2 Roots Becomes India’s First NGO in Art & Culture Listed on Social Stock Exchange

Routes 2 Roots Becomes India's First NGO in Art & Culture Listed on Social Stock Exchange

Routes 2 Roots (R2R), a Delhi-based non-profit NGO dedicated to promoting art, culture, and heritage, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming India's first non-profit NGO in the field of art and culture to be listed on the Social Stock Exchange (SSE). This listing marks a crucial step forward in social impact financing, providing a platform for clean funds and transparent investment practices for NGOs.



The SSE initiative aims to foster an ecosystem of responsible investing and positive societal change by providing a platform for NGOs to raise funds in a transparent manner. Introduced by SEBI in 2023, the SSE holds immense potential to revolutionize social impact investing in India, bridging the funding gap for non-profit organizations and enabling them to amplify their social impact.


R2R's listing on the SSE highlights its dedication to transparency and accountability, as well as its commitment to leveraging culture and education as powerful tools for societal transformation. Through its listing, R2R aims to amplify its impact and reach, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.


The event also played host to 25 school and college students, providing an opportunity for imparting financial education and fostering a culture of responsible investing from a young age. Held at NSE’s headquarters in Mumbai, the listing ceremony was telecasted online to ensure wide accessibility and participation from stakeholders across the nation.


The initiative aligns with R2R's broader mission of promoting inclusive and holistic education through its various programs and initiatives. The raised funds from the SSE listing will support cultural education and disaster recovery initiatives in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, benefiting numerous students by providing them access to high-quality educational resources.


The SSE listing of Routes 2 Roots (R2R) represents a significant milestone in the field of social impact investing, highlighting the potential for NGOs to raise funds in a transparent and accountable manner, ultimately contributing to positive societal change.

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Routes 2 Roots Becomes India's First NGO in Art & Culture Listed on Social Stock Exchange

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