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India Will Win The World Cup Says Vidya Balan

India Will Win The World Cup Says Vidya Balan

Actress Vidya Balan said she is hopeful that India will win the world cup as our team has won all the matches so far. 



Vidya Balan inaugurates the Mumbai edition of Sutra Santuti. A designer textile showcasing works from over 200 artisans across the country.


Excitement is in the air as India will clash with Australia for the world cup final tomorrow and Vidya is betting for her own team. She said, “We have won all the matches so far, so hopefully, we will win the world cup as well. On 19th November, Indian flag will fly the highest.” 


Praising the initiative and rich Indian culture, Vidya said, “I am just mesmerized, it is an absolutely stunning, fascinating, and breathtaking celebration of Indian textile, which Loveena has curated, from different regions and clusters, with different students, and revivalists, they have created his exhibition. It is really beautiful. It feels so proud, knowing the fact that there is such a rich and diverse culture of textile is existing. We people are unaware, but when we are made aware of this, by coming to such exhibitions, it is such an eye opener.” 


Further adding, Vidya Balan said she takes a lot of pride in Indian culture, heritage and decorating her house with Indian craft. She said, “We should take pride in our rich culture, in this heritage of textiles that we have, there is so much here in our country, even world’s biggest designer names get best of work by Indian artists, you know, even crafts are outstanding here in our country.” 


“I love decorating my house with Indian crafts, I think it adds a different kind of beauty, it’s a different kind of aesthetic, and there is great pride, I think everyone should do it, everyone should enjoy beauty” added Balan. 


Last seen in Jalsa and Neeyat, actress Vidya Balan is busy wrapping Applause Entertainment and Ellipsis Entertainment’s joint production, tentatively titled Lovers’ also starring Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D' Cruz and Sendhil Ramamurthy, helmed by Shirsha Guha Thakurta.

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India Will Win The World Cup Says Vidya Balan

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