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Tanishq Collaborates with VSPAGY to Improve Customer Engagement Through Personalized Video Interactivity

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Tanishq, India's largest retail jewellery brand from the house of TATA and VSPAGY a leading personalized video interactivity platform today announced their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way Tanishq engage with their customers through immersive and personalized video experiences.
VSPAGY's cutting-edge technology combines the power of personalized videos with interactive elements, allowing brands to create unique and engaging customer experiences. The platform also enables brands to distribute these videos at scale simultaneously across multiple channels like WhatsApp, in-app notifications, SMS, and email amongst others. Through this partnership, Tanishq will leverage the VSPAGY platform to create unique and captivating video journeys tailored to individual customers.
Since its inception, Tanishq has been committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything it does. From its product development to its customer service, the brand has always focused on delivering exceptional experiences for its customers. This commitment to customer centricity has been a key driver of the brand’s success and has helped it to build a loyal and engaged customer base. By integrating VSPAGY's platform into their marketing and communication strategies, Tanishq aims to amplify customer engagement, drive conversions, and enhance overall brand loyalty.
“We are thrilled to partner with VSPAGY to deliver unparalleled personalized video interactivity experiences to our customers,” Pelki Tshering, General Manager-Marketing, Tanishq. “VSPAGY's personalized video interactivity platform will empower us to create immersive storytelling experiences that connect with our customers on a deeper level. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and providing exceptional customer experiences.”
VSPAGY's innovative solution allows brands to leverage customer data to generate dynamic and personalized videos that resonate with individual preferences, interests, and buying behaviors. The platform seamlessly integrates interactivity features such as clickable hotspots, personalized recommendations, and interactive CTAs (call-to-action), creating a captivating video journey for each customer.
“We are delighted to welcome Tanishq to the VSPAGY family,” said Pankaj Saxena, Founder and CEO of VSPAGY. “Tanishq’s legacy of excellence and commitment to customer-centricity align perfectly with our vision to transform the digital video customer engagement landscape. Together, we aim to create memorable and personalized video interactive experiences that captivate consumers and forge lasting brand connections.” With this collaboration, Tanishq joins a prestigious roster of global brands that have chosen VSPAGY to enhance their video marketing efforts. By embracing VSPAGY's personalized video interactivity platform, India’s leading jewellery brand is poised to elevate its brand presence, inspire customer loyalty, and stay ahead in an ever growing and extremely competitive market, where brand consumer connects are increasingly becoming specific and personalized. Tanishq Collaborates with VSPAGY to Improve Customer Engagement Through Personalized Video Interactivity

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Tanishq Collaborates with VSPAGY to Improve Customer Engagement Through Personalized Video Interactivity



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