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Nada Trailer Is Out, Starring Luis Brandoni And Robert De Niro

Nada Trailer Is Out, Starring Luis Brandoni And Robert De Niro

Mumbai, 19th September 2023 (Newshelpline) - Hulu drops the trailer for new series called Nada, created by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, a story about culture and life, and about how a change in your routine can lead you on a surprisingly tender adventure. 



The series star Luis Brandoni, Robert De Niro, Majo Cabrera, María Rosa Fugazot, Daniel Aráoz, and Silvia Kutika. 


The story of Manuel (Luis Brandoni), a sophisticated culinary critic from Buenos Aires, an art lover, and a provocateur who has been living for decades with a woman who takes care of everything for him, acting as a sort of personal assistant, housekeeper, and cook. 


However, an exceptional event forces him to change his routine and hire Antonia (Majo Cabrera), an inexperienced young woman from a small town in Paraguay, to help him with household tasks. 


This is how Manuel mentors her about countless aspects of his life, from his personal relationships and preferences to culinary matters, and the clash of cultures and generations leads to unusual, contradictory, and tender situations that result in significant learning experiences for both. Amidst this process, Manuel's old friend Vincent (Robert De Niro), a renowned New York writer, visits his house. They share many adventures together, including tasting foods, reading, long walks, and existential conversations, all set against the backdrop of the magnificent city of Buenos Aires.


Nada starts streaming on Hulu from 11th October 2023. 


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Nada Trailer Is Out, Starring Luis Brandoni And Robert De Niro

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