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Director Mahi V Raghav clarifies about Shaitan cuss words

The trailer of director Mahi V Raghav's upcoming crime web series Shaitan was released a few days ago! Although the trailer has got a fabulous response there were also audiences who have also expressed displeasure over the usage of cuss words and showing violence in the trailer.

I wanted to clarify one thing! I respect everyone's opinion! But at the same time I have clearly exercised a disclaimer saying that the content has coarse language and violence that was made for only a specific audience. I am trying to explore the world of crime. As a filmmaker I took the artistic liberty to show that my characters and dialogues mirror the setting of the story and stay true to its universe. Else it’s like doing an injustice to the narrative.

Shaitan is not a vulgar film but it is set in a crime world. My poster and trailer clearly show what kind of a show it is, so the audience has a clear choice whether to watch it or not.


Just like how an artist (writers, etc) explores his flow of thoughts, a director too has the creative freedom to express his words.

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Director Mahi V Raghav clarifies about Shaitan cuss words

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