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Lisa Marie Presley Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Died in the Hospital

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the iconic Elvis Presley, was rushed to the hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on Wednesday evening.

Reports of her death have since been confirmed, with family and close friends expressing their shock and sadness over the sudden death of the beloved star.

At just 52 years old, Lisa Marie had been an influential figure in music for decades. The daughter of one of rock and roll's most iconic performers, Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie carried his name proudly as she launched a successful career as musician and actress in her own right.


In a statement released soon after her passing away news broke out, relatives said: "We are absolutely heartbroken to announce that our beloved Lisa Marie Presley passed away today due to a cardiac arrest. She was surrounded by her loved ones at the time."

The singer-songwriter appeared at last year's Christmas Day Special concert held in Memphis - titled 'Elvis All-Star Tribute' - where she chose some tracks that personally resonated with her.

Her passion for music grew from childhood as she accompanied her famous father while he toured as part of his Las Vegas comeback act in 1971, often joined onstage by his only child. Later in life she followed her father's footsteps into music and released three albums – two reaching gold record status – during 1994-2002. She also recently opened up about creating new songs due to release later this year before her unexpected passing away on Wednesday night.

Lisa Marie had four children: four adults Riley (26), Benjamin (23) twins Harper and Finley (12). Growing up, these four experienced first-hand their mother’s business savvy which included shares like Graceland companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars by age 25. Alongside motherhood priorities throughout her entire career until now day shape who Lisa is today; an incredibly strong woman who was admired by many across multiple generations making it possible to be remembered and celebrated through stories shared by family members & fans globally.

As news rapidly spread amongst Elvis & LM fanatics worldwide it became clear how much love & respect people had for the famous iconoclastic personality and founder of Club Priscilla which has become so popular over the years was regarded incredible grace amongst Grammy award panels until now day. Whether collaborating with & breathing life into Nashville Recording Studios or co-founding the Teen Kids Country House program for troubled youth—it’s obvious that Lisa Marie made an imprint wherever space allowed itself – honors included NAACP awards posthumously presented during 2020 year duration which goes without saying honor would have certainly humbled young lady greatly during lifetime achievements ahead! We send our deepest condolences to all those affected by this tragic news

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Lisa Marie Presley Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Died in the Hospital

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