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Jaspreet Jas Mathur And His Limitless Journey- A Journey Worth Remembering

You must have learned from the title that in this article we are going to talk about Jas Mathur. But before we proceed, let’s first learn about who Jas Mathur is. Is he a celebrity? An Instagram influencer? Or a famous entrepreneur? The LinkedIn profile of Jaspreet Jas Mathur says that this Indian-descent Canadian entrepreneur is an accomplished innovator and a venture capitalist. Apart from that, he is also a well-known Instagram influencer and a brand builder. At present, Jas Mathur is also well known for his positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, and commitment to reinventing himself and others.

But things were different earlier. When he was at the peak of his career in his mid-20s, he weighed around 450 pounds with a 68-inch chest. And he had to wear a 6XL shirt. Then he decided to bring a change to his life. And within three months, he lost 88 pounds.

Since that time, he dedicated his life to overall health and fitness, not just by shedding excess pounds and growing serious muscles but also by launching a celebrity-friendly fitness brand Limitless. When he was asked about it, he said that most of the people in the present society are often hesitant to take the right step toward achieving their goals as they don’t want to fall. So, he considered it his goal to make them believe that they can so that they can. There is nothing to lose. All these things helped him to be successful in his fitness journey and to shape his future properly.


The journey of Jas Mathur as the CEO of Limitless:

As the CEO of Limitless and a famous fitness trainer, Jas Mathur defined his former self as the “extremist hustler”. He also credits his hustle mindset for assisting him to be a business owner and the successful CEO that he is today. And he also considers that these things worked for him. According to him, in most cases, it just takes a single event to wake up to reality. For him, it was following the same routine of work-sleep-eat-work until he reached the weight of 450 pounds and fell ill. Then he realized that it was high time to turn around his life. This realization also helped him to be an inspiration for others and to start his journey as a fitness coach.

Now let’s have a look at the questions that were asked to him about his journey towards motivating others as the CEO of fitness brand Limitless and what he has to say about these things.

  1. When did your weight first become an issue for you?

I started gaining weight at the age of 11 when I got my first computer. As I was a big fan of wrestling, I started learning web development and design at that time.

  1. Why did you decide to lose weight?

I bought a tiny sports car impulsively when I was almost 450 pounds but I failed to fit into it. Then I reconnected with a girl from high school on Facebook whom I used to like. And I didn’t want her to find out how I look. This thing also lit a fire in me to work on my appearance. Before that, I was never a health-conscious person.

  1. How did you manage to lose weight?

First and foremost it needed the right mindset. I told myself that I will do it. Then I took the guidance of a trainer who instructed me on what to eat when to eat, and how to eat. Besides, I also consumed vitamins and supplements, which work as a big help during my weight loss journey.

  1. What was others' reaction when you lost 250 pounds?

My friends were in complete disbelief when they heard about my weight loss journey. And it also took me a few years to overcome all the insecurities, but I am grateful that I have got a new lease on life. Although I had to do a lot of work for this purpose, I consider myself the perfect example that consistency, discipline, and commitment can offer you some desired outcomes.

  1. How did you inspire others with your weight loss journey?

With my journey, I want to make people understand that there is a lot more to weight loss than any training. Overcoming the emotional hurdles is always more challenging than physically transforming yourself. So, your goal must be to never get stopped by any obstacles from turning your dreams into reality. Besides, it is also important to meditate regularly to unlock real potential.

  1. Many users are impressed with Limitless, but there are people, who might not be familiar with your brand, what can you share with them about your brand and your products, and the things that set you apart?

I established the brand Limitless once I managed to take hold of my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. So, being my brand, Limitless follows the motto of “Live to Inspire, Reinvent Yourself, Dream, Believe, and Achieve.” And the fundamentals of my business also reflect strong willpower and mindset with the ability to unlock the full potential of the user’s mind. From the perspective of my brand, I am very proud of the challenging images that I have created for myself. My health suffered a lot when I only focused on the success of my business endeavors. And then I realized the importance of making a big change in my health and life. So, I created this brand, which mirrored the lifestyle that I opted for to transform my body and mind.

  1. What is your next goal?

My goal is to keep on sharing my everyday experiences on Instagram through my channel @limitless. Besides, I have devoted myself to developing several skin-care and nutrition products that required years of research and development along with the insights of industry experts. Some of the products, which are available for purchase, are Divatrim (slimmer and toner body for women), Oneshot (pre-workout supplement), and NZT-48 Limitless Pill (mood and focus enhancer).

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Jaspreet Jas Mathur And His Limitless Journey- A Journey Worth Remembering

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