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Shalin Bhanot’s near-death experience.

Shalin Bhanot, one of the most talked about contestants in Bigg Boss this season is a man of many words & you'll usually catch a glimpse of him baring his heart with some candid conversations.

In an unseen footage where the actor seems to be engrossed in a deep conversation with Abdu, Shalin spoke about his near death experience a couple of years ago, while he was traveling in the Gulf country of Oman.

Though it did take him a while to explain the story to Abdu who seemed to struggle with understanding but they eventually got there.


From the excerpts of the chat, Shalin shared that while he was on a vacation & hopped on a cruise to party with 50 other people, the ship halted right in the middle of the sea. Many enthusiasts took a dive into the wide sea followed by Shalin too. Though a good swimmer, Shalin began to feel he was drowning & being pulled below & was gasping for breath as he tried to remain afloat on the surface. He said there came a time where he thought his death was certain & just then a rescue boat swiftly came by & got him out of the deep waters.

Talk about getting second chances at life, Shalin sure did get literally & metamorphically!

Shalin Bhanot's near-death experience.

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Shalin Bhanot's near-death experience.

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