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“This is too cheap, you can’t do this. I got abused, in my DMs”, Terence Lewis opens up on controversy wit h Nora Fatehi on The Maniesh Paul Podcast

Weaving an yet another interesting conversation on the latest episode of The Maniesh Paul Podcast, friends since more than a decade now,
the host Maniesh Paul and Terence Lewis indulge into a candid conversation where Terence Lewis reveals the story behind the viral clip of Nora Fatehi and himself.

Popularly referred to as the contemporary gig of India, Terence Lewis opened up on the controversy related to Nora Fatehi. Pouring his heart out on how the situation was misinterpreted and how he was severely abused for the same, Terence revels it all as he indulges into a candid conversation with Maniesh Paul.

Beginning the conversation with clearing some air on the much talked about controversy over the viral clip with Nora Fatehi, where Terence was accused by the audience for behaving in an inappropriate behaviour, the choreographer clarifies by explaining the entire incident. Lewis tells Maniesh, “It was a simple situation. Shatrughan Sinha and his wife had come. Geeta Kapoor felt that we had to do full namaskar to greet them. That week, Malaika Arora had COVID, and Nora stepped into her shoes. I said okay, fine. We did namaskar as respect, but suddenly, Geeta felt that it was not enough and wanted us to do more. So we followed her directions. I don’t even remember if my hand touched her (Nora), I don’t know even if it is really touching.” Further, Terence says, “On a fair note, two weeks before, Nora had come on the show and asked me to dance with her… Why would I want to do something like this, when there are four cameras around? This is too cheap, you can’t do this. I got abused, in my DMs…”.


Talking about the other side of social media, Terence mentions how the clip appeared real to him and was confused if the incident had actually taken place or not. Talking about the reactions of himself and Nora, Terence mentioned how he called Nora and the two joked and spoke about how the clip has been projected and has gone viral.

Going further in conversation on the same, Terence says, “I’ve already danced with her in close proximity, and when you’re in the middle of it, you are not thinking in that zone. We are so focused, you cannot be in two worlds, and you need a lot of guts to do something like this”.

Post giving a statement on the controversy, The episode goes on with interesting tales as Maniesh and Terence weave an interesting conversation about the world of reality TV shows, the nature of the entertainment industry, their struggles and more. Going with the flow of conversation, Terence appreciated the host for his hosting skills and mentions, “Maniesh’s hosting level is something”.

The Maniesh Paul Podcast has always aimed to create an environment that is free from any element that would hinder a heartfelt conversation. From Govinda- Krushna’s confession to each other, to Bharti Singh opening about her life and people from different walks of life, Maniesh Paul has always maintained the safe space for the artist to speak about the untold tales of their lives without any hesitation. One of the rare platforms, where the audience can witness a transparent side of the artists has been created at The Maniesh Paul Podcast.

Apart from the podcast, Maniesh Paul has completed the shoot for his first web show and is currently shooting for the latest season of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa.

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“This is too cheap, you can’t do this. I got abused, in my DMs”, Terence Lewis opens up on controversy wit h Nora Fatehi on The Maniesh Paul Podcast

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